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  Why ICPS?


ICPS is a Conference Publishing System.
ICPS, the IDES's collaborative conference publishing system, provides high-quality, peer-reviewed conference publications in print, CD, digital and online products. We also provide services to conference organizers to design and maintain conference website, managing and reviewing papers.

ICPS conducts the quality assurance.
ICPS Editors does the rigorous quality-control process so that they are both print and Digital Library compliant.

ICPS takes care of the paperwork.
ICPS editors make sure necessary paperwork is filed. They obtain l required copyrights, Library of Congress/ISSN, ISBN and other bibliographical registration details. All of the author papers in your publication will have a Digital Object Identification (DOI) Number, allowing for easy searches and protection against plagiarism.

ICPS helps protect your conference's reputation.
ICPS understands the importance of a conference's reputation. That's why we offer the protection of the IDES No-show policy. If a presenter doesn't attend a conference without legitimate reason, the conference organizer has the right to pull their paper from final posting to the Digital Library, and indexing. This gives organizers another tool to make sure their conference never picks up the reputation as a paper mill event.

ICPS handles shipping and delivery.
All the work that goes into creating a conference publication can be undone by one simple word: Customs. ICPS recognizes the importance of staying on top of shipping and works extensively with international shipping representatives to make sure conference media is delivered on time, every time.

ICPS makes sure your publications look professional.
ICPS has highly skilled graphic artists on staff to make sure your conference publication looks as professional as the work inside. They will work with the editor and conference organizer to give each conference a unique look for all media types.

ICPS handles the marketing.
A large part of our publication process includes worldwide distribution and subscription plans to an array of technical, academic, and corporate libraries. An important part of the service ICPS provides is making sure your publication is properly registered with the international organizations that allow for more efficient marketing of your publication by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers, and distributors. This allows your publication to reach a large, global audience beyond your meeting's attendees.

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