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The IDES Conference Publishing System (ICPS) goal is to make the conference organization and publishing process as both quality and effortless process as possible for organizers and authors. Associating with the IDES’s Conference Publishing System (ICPS) provides a range of valuable services.

  • Design, Maintain, and Host conference website
  • Managing the paper submission
  • Maintaining Communication with Authors
  • Reviewing and consolidating the papers
  • Identifying the keynote speakers
  • IDES Branding & Technical Co-Sponsorship
  • Professional marketing of the conference
  • Editing, Formatting and Typesetting
  • Obtaining required ISBN/ISSN for publication
  • Copyright protection for the research
  • High-quality production and printing
  • Possible Indexing & Abstracting
  • Inclusion in the Digital libraries
  • Post-conference Sales & Distribution
  • ossible Special Issue of the Journal
  • Extended Paper Publication in Journals

Organizing a conference is a lot of work and publishing the conference proceedings is a challenge all its own. But don't worry—the expert ICPS team is comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive conference publishing and project management experience to help you in this regard. With the premium, fee-based Conference Publishing System, we ensure that your conference proceedings satisfies the publication needs of organizers and authors while complying with the IDES acquisition requirements and the technical specifications.

The ICPS provides the following media type options for publishing the proceedings of your conference; apart from digitally storing the content in the Digital Library with an appropriate Digital Object Identifier.

  • Print Books
  • Abstract Books
  • CD-ROMs
  • DVDs
  • USB/Flash drives

Submit the filled The IDES Conference Publishing Inquiry form to admin @ theides.org to obtain the ICPS quote for your conference.

It is not advisable to locally publish the proceedings and distribute to conference delegates alone; as the research innovation does not reach to global audience. By publishing through us, all the papers shall upload online forever, which will allows the publication to reach at a larger and global audience beyond the meeting's attendees.


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