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IDES Conference Publishing System (ICPS) stands for providing service to conference organizers to design and maintain conference website, managing and reviewing papers, proceeding publication, Print/CD Media of the proceedings etc. The ICPS provides high-quality publication of research papers presented at the recognized conferences for the Authors and Attendees. This will further enable the research scholar and scientist to use it for their research innovation and applications. During the production process, our experienced production editor's service may utilize for the following:

  • Conference website design and maintenance
  • Paper submission & review management
  • Post an online author kit for authors of accepted papers to prepare and submit their final papers through;
  • Receive and check all final camera-ready papers provided by authors
  • Provide timely communication and assistance to authors throughout;
  • Obtain all required copyrights, ISBN/ISSN, and other bibliographical registration details;
  • Design and prepare covers, title pages, copyright pages, contents, author indices, introductions or forewords, and section headings;
  • Paginate your product and affix individual copyright notices if needed;
  • Format all conference publications according to IDES standards;
  • Manage all printing, typography, binding, CD-ROM production, and shipping arrangements for on-time arrival at the conference site;
  •  Archive the publication to the Digital Library
  • ICPS produced content will be submitted for possible indexing to all major indexing services.

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An important part of the ICPS service is to provide the maximum publicity to your work/paper registered with the conference. We undertake efficient marketing of your publication by ICPS, booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors. This allows your publication to reach a large, global audience beyond your meeting's attendees. This process starts by assigning your publication a ICPS-registered International Standard Book Number (ISBN) that uniquely identifies your publication as a product published internationally.

Associate Networks also sponsor, partner, and publishes number of conferences every year, which are recognized by academia and industry worldwide as the most vital collection of consolidated published papers in all the field of engineering and technology and related applications. Libraries, Institutions and Researchers may subscribe and purchase the same.

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